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Law firms need software they can rely on, software that delivers and software that ensures a clear future. Our solutions have constantly developed since we began operating in 1987 and we provide solutions to over 400 law firms across the UK.

We are very proud of our history and, having recently joined with PracticeEvolve, we are very excited to offer all our clients powerful and flexible solutions with a clear pathway to the Cloud.


Working for your future

Over 400 law firms throughout the UK choose SOS to do business, better. Operating since 1987, we are committed to building software that ensures your future is bright. Here’s just a few of the benefits you’ll experience either as desktop or as one of our Cloud solutions

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All our solutions are available with hosting options giving you a clear Pathway to the Cloud for your long-term future.

Practice Areas

We cover all areas of the legal profession so when you choose SOS, you’re selecting considered software for your firm


Plot Sales

Personal Injury

Debt Recovery

Litigation including group claims

All other Practice areas


Legal practice management software provides Cloud solutions for UK law firms to manage their cases, documents and accounts. Given the security risks associated with any leaked legal documents, legal practice management software must be inbuilt with compliance tools to ensure security, OFR risk, conflict checking and more.

The SOS legal case management system allows law firms to manage their workload under one integrated system. Some of it’s many benefits include:

  • Reliable reporting — Reporting is essential for businesses to track and reflect on their performance, gain valuable insight and plan accordingly for their future.
  • Managing customer data — The careful management of customer data is a must-have to build customer relationships in the long term and ensure your firm is achieving the highest possible return on investment (ROI).
  • Mobile use — With lawyers constantly on the go, the SOS Legal mobile app is highly effective for firms to operate flexibly across different devices.
  • Case management — Advanced technological tools provided by practice management software allow for a more integrated approach to secure file sharing and self-service.
  • Practice management — The highly intuitive platform of a legal case management system ensures that daily business processes run smoothly with an easy-to-use and easy-to-access interface.
  • Document management — Since offices are growing more eco-conscious and minimising paper use, accessing key data analytics and previewing documents through an application is now essential.
  • Legal cashiering — Choosing a legal case management system like ours enables you to outsource your cashiering services to focus on your business growth and casework.
SOS practice management software covers all components of the legal profession, including:

  • Conveyancing — Our software greatly reduces the time to process a conveyancing matter with unique integrations to support your client liaisons.
  • Plot sales — Practice management software enables law firms to improve service delivery and increase satisfaction, workload management, completion timescales and financial management.
  • Personal injury — Our software enables you to quote and limit your live cases. You’ll also have access to an Experts Register for any expertise you might require.
  • Debt recovery — Our unique 2-way integration model with secure data transfer (SDT) will help you transfer electronic claims and receive timely information and service dates.
  • Litigation, including group claims — SOS software will help you move individuals and transactions to reflect the claim’s status.
  • Other law practices — SOS supports all other practice areas of law as required.

Service is often provided in the form of a support agreement, In addition to our SOS legal case management system, we offer added value services also, which ensure users maximise the full potential of our feature-rich system. Access to EvolveLearning means users are able to understand all facets of the software, with our Client Success Consultants there to help plan a long term evolution into how the software is implemented within your firm. Improving overall efficiency.

Hear what our clients have to say

We believe that software with a service is crucial. But don’t just take our word for it, see what our clients have to say.

Connect has been vital to workers who are currently stuck in their homes during the Covid-19 lock downs. Without the ability to walk over to another person’s desk and check on their work, a centralized case management system is essential. We’re impressed by how quickly SOS was able to implement our urgent priorities during this time.

Davis Blank Furnisss, Case Management System Developer

We think that you provide an excellent service, and Hilary has been doing some sterling work for us recently, providing us with information to complete the accounts and the application for the renewal of our indemnity insurance

Lever & Co Solicitors, Partner

SOS Legal have set a very high bar for any other vendor.

Chadwick Lawrence, Head of IT

SOS Connect ticked all our boxes and it was evident that it could be moulded to suit us. It wasn’t all about a ‘hard sell’ … the presentations by SOS and the communication with us was all about meeting our needs and not about how many licences they could get out of us … The support team is superb.

Wollen Michelmore, Practice Manager

We had a demonstration of SOS Connect’s capabilities and it immediately ticked a lot of boxes, not least the fact that we would not need to deal with any more third parties, and we are now ahead of the game with a new system which is a perfect fit for our firm.

Russel + Aitken, Managing Partner

The SOS Connect system presented an ideal solution to move the firm on in terms of a fully integrated system that was easy to use but also allowed for a high degree of in-house development. The people were professional and honest and eager to assist in showing how the system could be developed.

Streeter Marshall, Project Lead

One needs to be able to count on one’s infrastructure providers to be an asset rather than a liability. SOS have been a major asset from the very beginning and continue to be so.

Temple Bright, Partner

SOS Connect+ was the stand-out solution from the beginning. Hosted software, fully trained legal cashiers and all at a reasonable cost.

Converse Law, Co-Owner

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